By graduating from an ESL course you will have the skills needed to yield better results in the education environment as well as the employment field. It is sure to open up many new opportunities in your area of expertise. An English learner can better support their children in their journey through school and become a more positive participant in their community. They will be studying and practicing communications skills, which includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking. Courses span four levels that range from Beginner Proficiency to more advanced language.

We offer a six-level, standards-based ESL series for adult education. The program features an integrated-skills approach that teaches practical communication in a conversational, educational, workplace, family, or community setting. High-interest topics throughout motivate students; learner persistence is increased through the use of real-world language that can be used outside of the classroom. Our course material presents natural language in authentic contexts, and clearly develops conversation strategies to enable learners to speak with fluency and confidence.
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