WELS Connection
» WELS Connection - July 2017

WELS Mission and Ministry Sunday

Spring and Fall mission festivals with tailored worship and Bible studies are on-going and provide an opportunity for missionaries returning from the field, to share their experiences of proclaiming the gospel abroad with WELS congregations here.

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» WELS Connection - June 2017

WELS Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Christian Aid and Relief provides help and support to those in need while sharing the gospel.

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» WELS Connection - May 2017

Congregational Partner Grant Program

Martin Luther College's new grant program makes it easier for congregations to support students going to MLC.

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» WELS Connection - April 2017

WELS Ministerial schools is adapting to training men for leadership roles in our world mission fields.

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» WELS Connection - March 2017

A look inside the Commission on Worship and worship music as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

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» WELS Connection - February 2017

Home Missions reaches the Vietnamese in Boise, Idaho.

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