Weekly Announcements


Attendance & Offerings for last Sunday
Worship: 39
Wednesday Advent: 21

Offerings: no report

Please refer to the monthly calander and the schedule page for upcoming activities and our service to the Lord's house. Thank you!
  • Prayer requests:  Grace Crow, Roger Abbott’s sisters (Janet & Janice), Pat Runge, Marge Lilly, Doris Cook, Shirley Petty, Randy Martin, Bob and Jean Runge, Annie Mae Hengst, Jackie Caldwell, Rusty Buerger, Ann Bacher, Darlene Whaley (Pat Runge's daughter), Hadley Davis, Philip Canfield (step-brother of Teri Carson), Shawn and Larinda Bucklew, Sheila Butler, Betty Waldeck (grandmother of Jason Waldeck), and Nancy Sanem (grandmother of Jason Waldeck),; also Ryan Buerger, Aaron Sampe, Michael Hengst, and Chris White (armed forces).


Michelle Waldeck                2
Caleb Hengst                      6
Amy Soucheck                    7
Ben Cleveland                   11
Tara Bassler                       17
Rusty Buerger                    23
Doug Krug                         29
Candy Mullins                    31

Leo & Ann Buchholtz                 28

NO Women’s Bible Study Brunch in December.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service:
Sunday, Dec. 24th, 7:00pm
Christmas Day Worship: Monday, Dec. 25th, 9:00am
New Year’s Eve Worship: Sunday, Dec. 31st, 7:00pm
NO New Year’s Day Service.

Poinsettias for Christmas! As always, we will decorate the altar with poinsettias to celebrate our Lord Jesus' birth!  If you would like to donate one, they are $12.00.  Just place your check or cash marked "poinsettias" into the offering plate anytime before Christmas.  Questions, please contact Keri Wempner @ 817-715-6418.  Thank you!

Advent Devotions have been sent to every member's email. Those without email may find the devotions in their church mailbox. If you did not receive your copy of the devotions you may pick them up in the church narthex.

2018 Flower Chart. The new 2018 flower chart is on the bulletin board in the narthex. If you would like to purchase flowers for worship services please put your name on the chart and place your $20.00 in the offering plate indicating that it is for flowers.

500th anniversary of the Ninety-five Theses.
In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Ninety-five Theses, the CELC has prepared a new set of Ninety-five Theses for the 21st century. Please find your copy in your church mailbox.

English as a Second Language classes are being prepared for members of the community who may benefit from them. Helpers are needed to listen to students read. If you can help, please speak with Pastor!

Reformation 500 Worship
     The WELS Reformation 500 Committee has prepared worship resources that highlight the “solas” of the Reformation. The resources are coordinated according to a four-Sunday schedule:
·         Scripture Alone,
·         Christ Alone,
·         Grace Alone,
·         Faith Alone.
     These worship outlines are designed to be accessible and “visitor-friendly.” They are rooted in the familiar liturgies, hymns, and psalms. The Apostle’s Creed is set to the familiar hymn tune, Ode To Joy, and a gathering rite based on selected Psalms is set to original music.
     Following is the schedule of special Reformation observances:
·         November 5, 2017: Scripture Alone (Reformation)
·         November 26, 2017: Christ Alone (Christ the King)
·         December 17, 2017: Grace Alone (Advent 3)
·         January 14, 2018 (date change): Faith Alone

     Please put these dates on your calendar and plan to attend here at Immanuel.

Immanuel’s “Christ Cares Ministry” has been developed to help us care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It consists of members visiting shut-ins and hospitalized, sending greeting cards, and phoning members; and an email/phone prayer circle. It is exciting to see how God is working in our midst and uniting us as a family. We need your help to reach out. If you feel God is calling you to help with this ministry please speak with Pastor.

Some ways you may serve the Lord here at Immanuel:
     Altar Guild
- the reverent preparation of the altar and chancel area for worship services including communion preparation, care of sacred linens, banners, and other related items. Contact Keri Wempner for more information.
     Stitching Hope Ministry - making various needlework projects for Children’s Hospital, VA Hospital, Meals on Wheels, etc. To get involved or to donate, contact Marge Lilly at 
     Christ Cares Ministry – praying, visiting, phoning, sending greeting cards. To be a part of this ministry, contact Pastor Gefaller at 817-908-4663.
     Hospitality Ministry – making coffee and hosting Sunday fellowship time. To help out, contact Beth Gefaller.
     Greeting and Cleaning – Contact Beth Gefaller to be included on the schedule.

Bible Studies:
• Men’s Bible Study meets every second Saturday at the church starting with a breakfast at 8:30am.
• Women’s Bible Study
meets every fourth Saturday, 10:00am at the church, followed by a potluck-style brunch.
• Adult Bible Class is held every Sunday at 10:30am in the church kitchen. Coffee, juice, and doughnuts are provided.
• Sunday School runs year-round for all ages.

• Youth Group (includes age applicable devotions/Bible study). We will meet every 2nd Saturday of each month. Everyone 5th grade to 12th grade is invited to join us. Please speak with Duane or Stacey Hengst for more information. 

“Noteworthy News” is now being sent out to members’ email addresses. Please make sure the church office has your current email address.

Sermons on our website! Pastor's Sunday sermons are now being recorded and posted on our church's website for the benefit of those who work, travel, are ill or unable to attend on a given Sunday. You may also direct friends and family there or find them edifying to simply review. On the homepage place your cursor over 'Worship' and select 'Sermon'.  Closed captioning is available.)  




The new Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) Bible can now be found online at BibleGateway.com.

Help wanted.
Messiah is looking for someone to fill the Church Secretary/Records Management position. This position is approximately 20 hours per week. The candidate should have strong data entry skills, be familiar with electronic communication, and attention to details is very important. This position does require that the candidate be willing to work in the office to answer phones and work closely with the Assistant to the Pastors. If interested, please contact Tamarra Liddle at tamarra.liddle@messiahkeller.org.


Volunteer Application for Houston Christian Aid & Relief Recovery Effort. There is now a team of project managers in place to lead the Houston recovery efforts.  There are about a dozen sites that have been identified as locations where we can help.  There may be more in the future.  Volunteers are needed to install drywall, paint, do basic carpentry, and more.  There is also a need for volunteers to serve the volunteers!  Specifically, volunteers to cook and prepare meals for the workers.  If you are interested in helping in any way, please complete the online volunteer application.  Link below...
Pastor Brad Taylor
South Central District Secretary

316NOW Sharing Grace in China. Beginning on October 2 and continuing until November 14, six faculty members from our online Bible institute will represent 316NOW in China. Their time in China will be staggered and will overlap.
     Teaching will fill their days. Most of the people in their classes will be Bible institute students. But our faculty members will also recruit more students. In addition our professors will spend personal time with these leaders of Christian churches to encourage them and help them with the ministry issues they face.
     Pray that the studies we present help our students to help their congregations.
     Ask the Spirit to ensure that the sound teaching of law and gospel are shared with the minority people and young Bible school students in the remote mountain areas of China.
     What a blessing to witness in China about God's grace again! Ask our Father to use our time in China to bring  many to faith, to strengthen others in faith, and to baptize more into Jesus’ saving name.
     There is growing resistance to the gospel in the upper levels of the Chinese government. Pray that we and our students are kept safe from persecution. Ask the Holy Spirit to curtail any forces that would slow the spread of his gospel.
     Please pray that God will bless our time in his Word with our students. Ask him to enable these Chinese Christian leaders to grow in their faith. Ask God to grant us and our students many opportunities to share his Word.
     Please pray that the Lord grants our students continued spiritual growth and strength.
     ALSO -  If you would like to be a world missionary from your own living room and teach simple Bible stories to children in China, you can do this by internet through JCW (Joy-filled Children of the World). Please contact Pastor Jim Radloff at jjradloff@yahoo.com . (Brochures are available on the table in the church narthex.)






Please remember you are precious to Jesus and to us.
We look forward to seeing you again next week.
We’ll be sure to save you a place!


Whom do I ask? Whom do I talk to? Here’s a list of “who’s who” in
our church.

Church Council Trustees    (Vacant), President
                                               Bill Wunrow, Financial Secretary
                                               Wes Wempner, Treasurer
                                               Tom Turnbull, Facilities

Church Council Elders           Ray Soucheck
                                               Richard Eicksteadt
                                               Scott Cleveland
                                               Duane Hengst
Facilities Committee           Tom Turnbull, Tom Lantry, and

                                                                Richard Eicksteadt
Assistant Treasurer               Vacant
Recording Secretary            
Gary Petty
Church Secretary                  Vacant
Head Usher                           Eric Foster
Choir Director                        Ray Soucheck
Musician Coordinator            Delores Sawall
Altar Guild                             
Keri Wempner, Coordinator
Flowers                                  Keri Wempner
Sunday School                      Stacey Hengst, Coordinator

Pastor                                     Rev. Mark Gefaller

Please pray that God grants them a measure of faith, wisdom and
love to carry out their new callings as leaders in his church here!
Please also look for opportunities to serve on their various

Teaching the unconditional Gospel of Christ! ~ John 3:16-17