Weekly Announcements


Attendance & Offerings for last Sunday
Worship:  50

Offerings:  5/6 & 5/13 - $3,659.08


Please refer to the monthly calander and the schedule page for upcoming activities and our service to the Lord's house. Thank you!
  • Prayer requests:  Grace Crow, Roger Abbott’s sisters (Janet & Janice), Pat Runge, Marge Lilly, Doris Cook, Shirley Petty, Randy Martin, Bob and Jean Runge, Jackie Caldwell, Rusty Buerger, Ann Bacher, Darlene Whaley (Pat Runge's daughter), Hadley Davis, Shawn and Larinda Bucklew, Sheila Butler, Betty Waldeck (grandmother of Jason Waldeck), Nancy Sanem (grandmother of Jason Waldeck), Dale Foster (father of Eric Foster), Katy Wunrow, and Bob Sawall; also Ryan Buerger, Aaron Sampe, Michael Hengst, and Chris White (armed forces).


Margaret Cleveland       1 
Ryan Buerger                5
Christian Gefaller        12
Roger Abbott               24
Tammy Gillette            26
Amy Hengst                 26
William Davis               27

Dick & Pam Miller                  2
Tom & Annette Turnbull       22
Ryan & Elysia Buerger          23
Pastor & Beth Gefaller         24
Bob & Delores Sawall           25

Voters Meeting HAS BEEN POSTPONED until further notice.

Congratulations to our High School graduates: Zach Cleveland, Amy Hengst, Cletus Howard, and Katy Wunrow. May God bless you and keep you!

Wednesday evening Bible Study. 
“Idols We Never Knew We Had”
A wood-carved animal figurine. A chiseled stone statue. A golden goddess. Do you have an idol-worship area set up in your home? We would say “Definitely not! I don’t bow down to idols!” But sometimes we do worship idols and make them our gods, not even realizing they are there. Our Wednesday evening Bible Study will bring to light these idols that hide themselves so easily in our homes and hearts, and through God’s guidance and power we’ll get help to avoid worshiping these false gods. 
Come study with us here at the church on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm!

Free Books. The books at the school are being offered to anyone who would like them for a free will donation.  You may contact any council member or Pastor for the school key.

2018 Flower Chart. The new 2018 flower chart is on the bulletin board in the narthex. If you would like to purchase flowers for worship services please put your name on the chart and place your $20.00 in the offering plate indicating that it is for flowers.

Immanuel’s “Christ Cares Ministry” has been developed to help us care for our brothers and sisters in Christ. It consists of members visiting shut-ins and hospitalized, sending greeting cards, and phoning members; and an email/phone prayer circle. It is exciting to see how God is working in our midst and uniting us as a family. We need your help to reach out. If you feel God is calling you to help with this ministry please speak with Pastor.

Some ways you may serve the Lord here at Immanuel:
     Altar Guild
- the reverent preparation of the altar and chancel area for worship services including communion preparation, care of sacred linens, banners, and other related items. Contact Keri Wempner for more information.
     Stitching Hope Ministry - making various needlework projects for Children’s Hospital, VA Hospital, Meals on Wheels, etc. To get involved or to donate, contact Marge Lilly at 
     Christ Cares Ministry – praying, visiting, phoning, sending greeting cards. To be a part of this ministry, contact Pastor Gefaller at 817-908-4663.
     Hospitality Ministry – making coffee and hosting Sunday fellowship time. To help out, contact Beth Gefaller.
     Greeting and Cleaning – Contact Beth Gefaller to be included on the schedule.

Bible Studies:
• Men’s Bible Study meets every second Saturday at the church starting with a breakfast at 8:30am.
• Women’s Bible Study
meets every fourth Saturday, 10:00am at the church, followed by a potluck-style brunch.
• Adult Bible Class is held every Sunday at 10:30am in the church kitchen. Coffee, juice, and doughnuts are provided.
• Sunday School runs year-round for all ages.

• Youth Group (includes age applicable devotions/Bible study). We will meet every 2nd Saturday of each month. Everyone 5th grade to 12th grade is invited to join us. Please speak with Duane or Stacey Hengst for more information. 

“Noteworthy News” is now being sent out to members’ email addresses. Please make sure the church office has your current email address.

Sermons on our website! Pastor's Sunday sermons are now being recorded and posted on our church's website for the benefit of those who work, travel, are ill or unable to attend on a given Sunday. You may also direct friends and family there or find them edifying to simply review. On the homepage place your cursor over 'Worship' and select 'Sermon'.  Closed captioning is available.)  




Delegate needed for the South Central District Biennial Convention June 4-5.
     A voting member is being sought to serve as a congregational delegate to the South Central District Biennial Convention June 4-5, 2018; Calvary Lutheran Church, Dallas, TX.
     Registration and meals are provided for the convention. You may come for one day if that is all your schedule permits.
     Please notify pastor as soon as possible if you are available to participate. Registrations are due by May 27.

Divine Peace Rockwall, TX dedication service. God has blessed Divine Peace Rockwall with a new worship facility. A dedication service will be held on June 3rd at 5:00pm at 305 S. Fannin St. Rockwall, TX 75087. All are invited. Following the service there will be a meal and fellowship time. Please RSVP by May 27th to Pastor Ledermann at gunnar@divinepeace.com.

The new Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) Bible can now be found online at BibleGateway.com. The Old Testament translation is being prepared for printing.

LWMS Convention. The LWMS Paperland Circuit invites you to the 55th Annual LWMS Convention, June 21-24, 2018, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “Speak, O Lord, from the Valley to the World” is the convention theme and our speakers will share how the Lord is speaking through our home and world missions. Please see the bulletin board across from the church library for more information.


Camp Shiloh Summer Camp.
Teen Camp 2018      (Teens entering 9th - 12th grades)   
     June 17-June 22
Youth Camp 2018     (Youth entering 6th - 8th grades)      
     July 15-July 20
Kids Camp 2018        (Kids entering 3rd - 5th grades)       
     July 22-July 26
For more information contact:
Camp Shiloh Lutheran Retreat

District Announcement for Camps
Hey everyone!
     IT’S TIME for DRIVE TEEN CAMP!!!!  Only 1 MONTH AWAY!!!!  Do you know someone between 8th grade and a senior in High School.  I would like to see 120 teens at our Drive Teen Camp this year.  We have a great staff lined up to serve your kids.  Join us this year at Drive Teen Camp 2018. 
     If you are ready to sign up, then go to campshilohretreat.org and sign up today.  You’ll help us prepare an even greater camp if you sign up TODAY!
     Did I mention THE BLOB!!!!!???????
     If you know kids between 3rd and 8th grade who want to come to our camps in July, then have them go to campshilohretreat.org for all their information! 
Questions?  Text or call me 214-796-9077
Pastor John Hering
Caribbean Program Manager
     We are looking for an individual to work with our local partners to develop, manage, and implement Kingdom Workers programs in order to serve the people of the Caribbean and share Jesus.
     Oversee field ministry programs, which include job skills, economic development, youth disability and special needs, while creating opportunities for service in which local and visiting volunteers engage in outreach together.
     If this sounds like you or someone you know, help us connect with the right fit for our team. For more information go to: http://www.kingdomworkers.com/caribbeanprogrammanager.php

Senior Director of Programs
     Are you an experienced leader motivated by the Great Commission with a passion for reaching the lost?
     We are looking for a seasoned individual to lead the development and execution of all Kingdom Workers program ministry and staff in multiple countries.
     Forge strong relationships with the leadership of those in fellowship, while developing, maintaining, and enhancing accountability and the Great Commission culture among staff and volunteers. With cross-cultural experience, the Senior Director of Programs will pursue strategic opportunities for new areas of growth through sustainable Kingdom Workers ministry programs.
     If this sounds like you or someone you know, help us connect with the right fit for our team. For more information go to: http://www.kingdomworkers.com/seniordirectorofprograms.php







Please remember you are precious to Jesus and to us.
We look forward to seeing you again next week.
We’ll be sure to save you a place!


Whom do I ask? Whom do I talk to? Here’s a list of “who’s who” in
our church.

Church Council Trustees    (Vacant), President
                                               Bill Wunrow, Financial Secretary
                                               Wes Wempner, Treasurer
                                               Russell Butler, Facilities

Church Council Elders           Ray Soucheck
                                               Eric Foster
                                               Scott Cleveland
                                               Duane Hengst
Facilities Committee              Russell Butler, Tom Lantry, and

                                                                Richard Eicksteadt
Assistant Treasurer               Vacant
Recording Secretary            
Gary Petty
Church Secretary                  Vacant
Head Usher                           Eric Foster
Choir Director                        Ray Soucheck
Musician Coordinator            Delores Sawall
Altar Guild                             
Keri Wempner, Coordinator
Flowers                                  Keri Wempner
Sunday School                      Stacey Hengst, Coordinator

Pastor                                     Rev. Mark Gefaller

Please pray that God grants them a measure of faith, wisdom and
love to carry out their new callings as leaders in his church here!
Please also look for opportunities to serve on their various

Conservative Christians Confessing Christ! ~ Matthew 10:32