Our History
In the fall of 1969, Pastor Walter Diehl began to serve two WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) families, the Buergers and Neubauers, with worship early Sunday mornings in a strip shopping center on Grapevine Highway.  By the summer of 1970, they were ready to organize as Immanuel Lutheran Church and call their own pastor.  In September, Pastor Myrl Wagenknecht received a call and came from Huntsville, Alabama.  They met in a bank's community room at 7100 Grapevine Highway.  In 1972, they built a parsonage at 7620 Circle Drive.  In January 1973, they rented space in what is now Tucker's Catfish Restaurant at Davis and Lola. 

After purchasing 6 acres on Lola Drive, they moved in a double-wide trailer, which served as their church until the current church was dedicated in June 1975.  At the same time a school was opened, using what is now our kitchen.  We reached self-support status in 1978.  We are grateful to the WELS Home Missions for the many years of financial support.  The WELS had supplied us with about $200,000 in subsidy and loaned us $180,000.  This loan was paid off in 1999.
In 1982, members from Immanuel helped organize Abiding Faith Lutheran Church on the south side of Fort Worth.  In 1983, members from Immanuel helped organize Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arlington.  In 1986, our Principal's wife was called to be our second teacher.  Both classes met in our kitchen, on each side of the divider.  In 1988, we built the four classroom school and concreted our parking lot.  This time we borrowed $25,000 from WELS, $186,000 from members, and paid $30,000 cash toward the construction.  This was also fully paid off in 1999.
The construction of our offices, library, and fellowship hall, including all new A/C units, and remodeling of our kitchen took place during 2002 and was completed, with new organ and P.A. system, in time for Christmas. 

Over the years countless members served in many ways – offering their prayers, bringing friends and relatives, speaking of Jesus the Savior, serving as officers, elders, teachers, organists, etc.  Their service to the LORD of the Church has been blessed in many ways and brought us to 2018. 
Pastor Emeritus Myrl F. Wagenknecht
Teaching the unconditional Gospel of Christ! ~ John 3:16-17