Serving the Lord

Elder Rotation Schedule:

1st  Ray Soucheck
2nd Richard Eicksteadt
3rd  Scott Cleveland
4th  Duane Hengst


Greeter Schedule:                                                                         

July 2         Ray & Amy Soucheck and Family
July 9         Brian & Terrie Bacher
July 16       Scott & Margaret Cleveland and family
July 23       Steve & Karen Paulsen
July 30       Tom & Annette Turnbull

August 6          Wes & Keri Wempner
August 13        Dick & Pam Miller and family
August 20        Pat Runge and Eric Foster
August 27        Teri Carson and Doris Cook

Sept. 3        Geoff & Jody Meyer and family
Sept. 10      Steve & Karen Paulsen
Sept. 17      Ray & Amy Soucheck and family
Sept. 24      Wes & Keri Wempner

Please Note: If you are unable to greet at your scheduled time please find a replacement. Also, if you wish to be removed from or added to the greeter list please let Beth Gefaller know.

Thank you for your service to the Lord's house!

Cleaning Schedule:                                                                     

July 10-22  Steve & Karen Paulsen, and Scott & Margaret Cleveland
July 24-Aug. 5  Duane & Stacey Hengst, and
                                                           Teri Carson, and Pat Runge

August 7-19  Ray & Amy Soucheck, and Wes & Keri Wempner
August 21-Sept. 2  Roger & Chris Abbott, and
                                               Tom Lantry, and Richard Eicksteadt

Sept. 4-16  Duane & Stacey Hengst, and Scott & Margaret Cleveland
Sept. 18-30  Geoff & Jody Meyer, and  Steve & Karen Paulsen


  •  Cleaning teams will have a 2 week time slot for cleaning the church.

  •  Please contact your other team members to plan your cleaning.

    If you are unable to clean at your scheduled time please find a replacement. Also, if you wish to be removed from or added to the cleaning list please let Beth Gefaller know.

    Thank you for your service to the Lord’s house!

Hospitality Ministry: 

July:  Beverly Bucklew
August:  Stacey Hengst 
September:  Margaret Cleveland
October:  Doris Cook
November:  Beverly Bucklew
December:  Stacey Hengst


Lawn Care Schedule 2017:

Date                         Trimming                Mowing

July 30 – Aug. 5             Geoff Meyer                 Duane Hengst

Aug. 6 – 12                    Roger Abbott               Richard Eicksteadt
Aug. 13 – 19                  Bill Wunrow                 Scott Cleveland
Aug. 20 – 26                  Tom Turnbull                Tom Lantry
Aug. 27 – Sept. 2           Ray Soucheck             Wes Wempner

Facilities Committee:
Tom Turnbull  760-520-3242 
Geoff Meyer  817-868-6806 (Equipment maintenance issues) 
Tom Lantry   817-485-8371
Richard Eicksteadt  817-739-3528

Provide lawn care sometime during your assigned week.

If you have any questions about doing the lawn care, speak with someone from the facilities committee.

If you cannot make your scheduled date, please arrange for someone to take your place.
If you are unable to help with the lawn care and wish to be removed from the list, let Beth Gefaller know. Thank you.

Sunday Reader Schedule 2017:

DATE              READER                 LESSONS                   
July 2            Brian B.                   Ex 19:2-8a                           
                                                   Ps 100                        
                                                   Rom 5:6-11

July 9            Wes W.                   Jer 20:7-13                         
                                                   Ps 31                          
                                                   Rom 5:12-15

July 16          Ray S.                     Jer 28:5-9                            
                                                   Ps 89                          
                                                   Rom 6:1b-11

July 23          Richard E.               Ex 33:12-23                        
                                                   Ps 145                        
                                                   Rom 7:15-25a

July 30          Scott C.                  Isa 55:10,11                       
                                                  Ps  65                          
                                                  Rom 8:18-25

Aug. 6           Duane H                 Joel 3:12-16                       
                                                  Ps 18                          
                                                  Rom 8:26,27

Aug. 13         Wes W.                  1 Ki 3:5-12                          
                                                  Ps 119b                     
                                                  Rom 8:28-30

Aug. 20         tbd                         Isa 55:1-5                            
                                                  Ps 42-43                    
                                                  Rom 8:35-39

Aug. 27         Ray S.                    1 Ki 19:9-18                       
                                                  Ps 73                          
                                                  Rom 9:1-5

Sept. 3          Richard E.              Isa 56:1,6-8                       
                                                  Ps 133-134               
                                                  Rom 11:13-15,28-32

Sept. 10       Scott C.                   Ex 6:2-8                              
                                                  Ps 34                          
                                                  Rom 11:33-36

Sept. 17       Duane H.                 Jer 15:15-21                       
                                                  Ps 121                        
                                                  Rom 12:1-8

Sept. 24       Brian B.                   Eze 33:7-11                       
                                                  Ps 51a                        
                                                  Rom 13:1-10

Oct. 1          tbd                          Ge 50:15-21                      
                                                  Ps 103                        
                                                  Rom 14:5-9

Oct. 8          Ray S.                     Isa 55:6-9                          
                                                  Ps  27                          
                                                  Php 1:18b-27

Oct. 15        Richard E.                Eze 18:1-4,25-32              
                                                  Ps 25                          
                                                  Php 2:1-11

Oct. 22        Scott C.                   Isa 5:1-7                              
                                                  Ps 118                        
                                                  Php 3:12-21

Oct. 29        Duane H.                  Isa 25:6-9                            
                                                  Ps 23                          
                                                  Php 4:4-13

Nov. 5          Brian B.                   Da 6:10-12,16-23             
                                                  Ps 46                          
                                                  Gal 5:1-6

Nov. 12        tbd                           Da 7:9,10                            
                                                  Ps 90                          
                                                  1 Ths 5:1-11

Nov. 19        Ray S.                      Isa 52:1-6                            
                                                   Ps 84                          
                                                   1 Ths 4:13-18

Nov. 26        Richard E.                 Eze 34:11-16,23,24         
                                                   Ps 47                          
                                                   1 Cor 15:20-28
    Elder Responsibilities
  • Sunday Elder Responsibilities:
    On Sunday morning the serving elder should aid the pastor and congregation in the following areas:
    • Ensure greeters, ushers, and acolyte have arrived
    • Greeting members and visitors
    • Assist at Baptisms
    • Assist at Communion
    • Attend Bible Study
    • Ensure the offering is securely deposited in the office
    • Lock the church building and turn out the lights
    Note: If you must leave early please ensure someone completes your duties.  Thank you!
    Greeter Responsibilities
    “Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” Psalm 100:2
    Responsibilities for greeters include:
    1.) Be at the front door at least 15 minutes before service starts.
    2.) Greet everyone and distribute bulletins.
    3.) Greeting visitors:
    a.)  Ask visitors where they are from and invite them to sign our guest book.
    b.) Direct WELS and ELS visitors to speak with Pastor or an elder regarding communion.
    c.)  Assist visitors in locating the sanctuary, the bathrooms, the cry room, and the Sunday School/Bible Study areas.
    d.) Invite visitors to our fellowship time in the kitchen after worship.
    4.) Please wear “Greeter” badges provided (located in the “Ushers” drawer in the hallway).
    Thank you for your service to the Lord’s house!
    Acolyte Responsibilities
  • To Be An Acolyte
    The acolyte makes a valuable contribution to the worship service.  The appearance of the acolyte in the chancel is a signal to the congregation that God is in His house and among His people.  Therefore, the acolyte must be aware that everything and everyone in the Divine Service exists to exalt God and aid in the communication of the Gospel.
    The acolyte serves in the presence of God.  Therefore, the acolyte’s service should honor God and keep His altar holy.  The attitude of the acolyte should be one of simple humility and reverence. 
    When the acolyte enters the sanctuary and moves about the chancel, the acolyte should walk reverently.  While serving in the Lord’s house, the acolyte should remain quiet.  Ask questions in a soft tone and a polite manner.  Conversations are brief and softly spoken in reverence to God.  When crossing in front of the altar, bow in respect to God. 
    Reverence for God also includes showing respect for the things set apart, especially for worship.  The altar, the consecrated bread and wine from the Sacrament of the Altar, the water used in Baptism, are all reminders of the presence of God and treated with care.  Even the pastor, because of his office, receives reverent respect.
    The role of acolyte is one of a number of roles that God’s people are invited to fill in service to Christ and His Church.  Always remember, it is an honor and a privilege to serve in God’s house.
    “Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.” (Psalm 100:2 NKJV)

    Acolyte Checklist:
    Before worship
    • Arrive at church 15-20 minutes before worship.
    • Ensure candlelighter has sufficient oil.
    • Dress in a blue robe with white surplice from closet.
    • Ask if there are any special instructions.
    • Pray with pastor 10 minutes before worship.
    Following worship
    • Replace candlelighter in office.
    • Hang robe and surplice neatly in closet.
    • Go to Fellowship and Sunday School.
    Lighting candles:
    When lighting candles, the last candle lit is the first candle extinguished.
    • Candles are lit from left to right.
    • Candles are extinguished right to left.
    • Special candles, such as the Advent Wreath, will be explained to each acolyte by the pastor.
    Cleaning Responsibilities
  • Cleaning Information:

                Cleaning Supplies
                    ° Cleaning supplies are provided in the Janitorial Closet by the sanctuary doors.

                    ° Oil and wax are not to be used on wood products;
                    ° Use only a duster or a clean rag (dry or damp, not wet);
                    ° Dusting is to be done before vacuuming.
                    ° Vacuum cleaners are dry vacuums only;
                    ° Care must be used with the vacuum to raise and lower cleaning height;
                Windows and Mirrors
                    ° Use only glass cleaner and paper towels to clean windows and mirrors.

    Cleaning Responsibilities: 


                    ° Vacuum all carpets;
                    ° Empty all trash receptacles;
                    ° Clean glass in entryways;
                    ° Clean restrooms;
                    ° Clean restroom mirrors;
                    ° Restock all restroom supplies;
                    ° Clean all kitchen counters;
                    ° Wipe down table tops in kitchen;
                    ° Spot mop tile flooring as needed;
                    ° Clean and straighten nursery;
                    ° Dust the altar, pulpit, and chairs;
                    ° Recycle old bulletins and papers (bin is located in the secretary’s office);
                    ° Hymnals are to be centered in the hymnal racks;
                    ° "Our Communion Practice" cards should be upright in front of hymnals;
                    ° Place trash and recycling in dumpsters;
         Bi-weekly (1st and 3rd weeks):

                    ° Clean accessible light fixtures of cobwebs;
                    ° Clean all windows
                    ° Dust window sills;
                    ° Dust offices and library books/shelves;
                    ° Clean and straighten library
                    ° Damp mop bathroom and kitchen floors;

         As needed:

                    ° Replace vacuum cleaner bags;
                    ° Report needed repairs to the Trustees;
                    ° Report needed restocking of janitorial supplies to the Trustees.

    Hospitality Responsibilities:
  • 1. Arrive at least 20 minutes before services to make sure coffee is available for those who wish to drink it before church, as well as after.
    2. Ensure rolls, napkins, etc., are set out for fellowship
    3. Be certain to refill coffee as needed
    4. Wash coffee makers and carafes, clean counters and table tops.

    Lawn Care Responsibilities
  • Mowing: 

    1. Mow around church
    2. Mow around school
    3. Mow field and playground
    4. Ensure all grass is mulched
    5. Clean mower and store


    1. Trim around church building
    2. Trim around school
    3. Trim around trees and flower beds
    4. Trim around out buildings
    5. Trim along walks and driveways

Conservative Christians Confessing Christ! ~ Matthew 10:32